Riyadh Alif School Students Harvesting Vegetables

Riyadh: The little gardeners of Alif International School Students Riyadh rejoiced harvesting vegetables that they grew with their little hands. The school had provided a space to the students of the ‘Green Club’ of the school for cultivating vegetables. The Club was formed to help children grow with the contemplations on nature.

One of the missions under the club this year was to grow certain vegetables in their garden and that they did fruitfully. Students literally jumped for joy when they gathered various vegetables in their hands that they cultivated with their own sweat and toil.

‘This initiative aims at bringing the learners close to nature and earth and fostering interest in agriculture. Said Mohammed Musthafa, Principal of the school. The chairman Alikunhi Moulavi, Headmaster Noushad and Coordinator Suveesh spoke in the harvest programme.


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