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Alif International School Conducts ‘Alif Gala 18’

RIYADH: Alif Gala 18, the annual day celebration of Alif International School Riyadh, one of the prominent Indian International Schools here, was conducted in the school. The gala was an extraordinary and intricately choreographed extravaganza, featuring a unique blend of entertainment and education. The serene February evening witnessed the moments aplenty to warm the hearts […]

Alif School Conducts ‘Lingo Dramatics’ 2018

Riyadh: Alif International school Riyadh conducted the annual celebration of Lingo Dramatics in the school. Lingo Dramatics is the part of the school curriculum which is an innovative initiative incorporated to the language class rooms since last year. With lingo curriculum, all students from Grade Three to Eight enact their language lessons in the class […]

Riyadh Alif School Students Harvesting Vegetables

Riyadh: The little gardeners of Alif International School Students Riyadh rejoiced harvesting vegetables that they grew with their little hands. The school had provided a space to the students of the ‘Green Club’ of the school for cultivating vegetables. The Club was formed to help children grow with the contemplations on nature. One of the […]

Alif international school celebrates sports meet

Riyadh: Alif International School Riyadh celebrated its 7th Annual Sports Meet with pomp and splendor in the school. Gama House and Beta house by bagging more points in different categories, won the overall championship in Boys and Girls sections respectively. Mrs. Sabiha (Beta House Mistress), Mr. Noushad (Gamma House Master) Aflah, and Aysha Salim (House […]